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Created on a solid foundation of friendship, trust, and integrity, Ferrari Networks, Inc. is focused on the success of our clients. Owned and operated by Kevin Ferrari, we bring over 25 years of industry experience and a proactive approach to managing your network with the ever-changing technology. We ensure your business network will continue to run effectively and efficiently so you can focus on managing your business without worry. Whatever your business needs are, from basic assistance, IT Consulting, sales and service, help desk or a fully outsourced IT Department, Ferrari Networks, Inc. is here to help.

Kevin Ferrari


Kevin has owned Ferrari Networks Inc. since 2010 and has over 25 years of IT experience.  His journey began in the early ’90s in computer sales and a hobby of computer gaming with friends, and by the late ’90s, he began with the technical side, which led him to his successful business today.   Kevin is known for his trustworthiness, dependability, honesty, and firm ethics.  His genuine care for each client sets him apart, and he will always do what is best for his clients.  His exceptional qualities have led to numerous clients staying with him for years.  Kevin has worked with Nate Capton, owner of Nate’s, for over 25 years, where he purchased the store in January 2023.  

Nate Capton, JR

IT Support

Nate and his father started Nate’s Typewriter and Computers Inc. over 50 years ago. Nate continues his business alongside Kevin in the building well-known in Niagara Falls, NY. He is recognized for his honesty and customer satisfaction. He is proud to have Kevin run the day-to-day operations so he can enjoy his walleye fishing, traveling, camping, and hunting. His favorite quote is, “The customer is always right unless the boss says, IT AIN’T SO!” Nate continues to service minority groups and works for Ferrari Networks Inc. part-time.

John Benbenek

IT Support

John joined Nate’s over 14 years ago and specializes in IT support.  He had been in the computer business long before his role with Nate’s.  He enjoys the vast array of knowledge and experience he has gained.  He is hard-working, loyal, and a dedicated employee of Ferrari Networks Inc. Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his grandkids and watching sports.

Andrew Forgette

IT Support

Andrew started his IT journey in 2012 when he joined Nate’s team to explore a new opportunity to learn new skills and work for a family business.  He is honest, trustworthy, and dependable.  He enjoys learning and working with people and local companies as he enhances his problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.  Away from work, he enjoys modifying and maintaining sports cars and watching Buffalo sports teams. His wife is Nate’s daughter, and they have two sons.

Annemarie Grise

Office Manager/Business Development

Annemarie was a dental hygienist for over 28 years and recently changed careers to work with her fiance, Kevin.  She is bringing in her skills in design to develop websites and outsource social media marketing.  She has design services available for business and personal use, along with custom-created gifts.  She is a mom of 3 kids and a step-mom to 2.  She enjoys audiobooks, yoga, and clean living.

Ferrari Networks Welcomes Nate’s Typewriters & Computers Clients!

A Continued Commitment to Service

We are thrilled to announce that as of January 2, 2023, Nate’s Typewriters & Computers, Inc is being acquired by Ferrari Networks, Inc. During this acquisition, Nate Capton Jr. and Kevin Ferrari will work closely together to continue to provide exceptional service to all their clients.

Nate and Kevin began their business relationship in 1997 when Kevin was selling computers to Nate for a local manufacturer. Kevin became a consultant for Nate, and Nate eventually hired him in 2004. Kevin worked for Nate full-time until 2010, when Kevin ventured out on his own and started his own company, Ferrari Networks, Inc. For the last 12 years, Kevin built a strong and successful business equivalent to Nate’s. The relationship Nate and Kevin have built over the last 25 years is not only business but a strong friendship as well.

Nate is not retiring but is slowing down. As he does this, it is extremely important for him to keep the quality of sales and service he’s provided all these years, and to have the stability and confidence for his clients for years to come. To ensure this, the familiar faces of Nate, Andrew, and John, will continue to provide the great service that you come to expect from Nate’s, but now you will also have Kevin’s experience to depend on as well.

Ferrari Networks Inc. was established to deliver tech services to companies and individuals alike. Owner Kevin Ferrari brings a wealth of IT expertise and knowledge accumulated over 25 years of industry experience. Throughout his career, Kevin has earned a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, honesty, and ethical conduct while genuinely caring for each client. As a result of these admirable qualities, countless clients have remained loyal to him over the decades.

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